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As mayors do, 24 years ago Ian Stromborg planted a tree in Bankstown Memorial Oval. But, this was no ordinary tree.

The tree was donated to Bankstown City Council as part of the 75th Anniversary of Anzac Day. It was propagated from the original Lone Pine in Gallipoli. The solitary tree on the Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey, marked the site of the Battle of Lone Pine in 1915. The Lone Pine was destroyed during the battle; however, cones were retrieved by Australian soldiers and seedlings grown from them were planted as memorials all over Australia and New Zealand.

"I was mayor at the time and I planted the tree in 1990 which was something I am still to this day very proud of doing," Cr Stromborg said. Cr Stromborg has asked the council to investigate collecting seeds from the cones to propagate more trees for the city. "When the new trees are mature enough, a tree can be presented for planting in school grounds, to every school in Bankstown by the mayor and the council," he said. "Also, a tree can be planted in each park in Bankstown where there is a cenotaph as a permanent reminder of the sacrifices made by our soldiers during the Gallipoli campaign during World War One and can be referred to in future Anzac Day Services."

Cr Stromborg said that while he did not expect the project to be completed by the 100th anniversary of Anzac Day next year, it would be a worthwhile project for future generations.

Story by Mick Roberts, Bankstown Torch